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So Kansas weather is awesome. Tornado scare, HUGE STORM BLOWING TOWARDS MY SHITTY LITTLE TOWN OH NOES, then everything is calm and cool. And then a gigantic blast of 50000mph wind whips a shitload of rain all around for about thirty seconds. Then it stops completely and the sun comes out. Rest of the day, cloudless blue skies. Really, Kansas. :|

IN OTHER NEWS, not doing much at all. Sitting around, watching Forensic Files like a mofo (Friday night marathons fuck yeah), watching Intervention like a mofo (Monday night marathons fuck yeah), wishing I had that nifty ID channel, working on that story I'll never get published (sixty-three pages and counting!), and picking up way more characters than I should because I have that sort of free time. Working up the courage for the day I have two bad teeth cut out of my head. Freaking out because my parents love to tell stories about how 'oh this one lady I knew, she was pretty hot when we were in high school and yeah I was pretty ballin' back in the day, regular ladies' man, I've had a couple stalkers because I'm just that great ANYWHOSITS this one lady I knew had a bad tooth and got an infection and it went to her brain and NOW SHE'S PARAPLEGIC. 8|'

...Thanks, dad. D:


nebraska's an awful lot like that too. D: I SWEAR WE ARE GOING TO GET SNOW THIS WEEK. I CAN FEEL IT.